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The Gotyor Music

The Gotyor Indie label focusing primarily on dance, and alternative rock music. Production team members are based out LA & Vegas area.

The Gotyor philosophy is "Got yor life, Now live it".  Promoting and encourage people to live by the  philosophy to be amazing at what ever they do which in turn with allow them to thrive in life.

Refresh your life logo 

"Got Life, Now Live It!"


Looking for great create artist to join our team singers, engineers, and lyric writers.

Sorry not looking for bands at this time

Contact us at GotyorEmail@gmail.com

Production Team

The production team is lead by producer Shan Roberts. Shan is know for his technical background in music and media.


London Bridge Palms studio X Citrus Bear Creek Studios NRG studios Palms Studio Y
SSL Duality EDM Production Laguna Studio Laguna Studio Audio for Film Bear Creek tree house

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