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  Contact Info:  
  Shan Roberts e-mail: gotyoremail@gmail.com
  Locations: LA & Las Vegas Phone: 949-391-5091


One on One Training


One of the best way to learn anything is by doing it, hands-on, one on one training. Plus the training is in your studio, based on your wants and needs to get you to that next level in recording and production. 

My background

I been providing training since 1993. I started out of Goodman music helping our clients install and learn there gear after purchasing it. When Goodman Music closed I team up with several Guitar Center providing one on one training and trouble shooting services for their clients.

I have worked as a producer/writer/engineer  for over 25 years, and have worked in almost every genre of music, film and media out there. Plus by working in so many different fields while wearing so many different hats in the business allows me to train your on a number of different subjects that all interrelate to one another. Allowing you to gather up all types of questions to be answered in one training session.

I can come out and show you on your gear how to achieve the best results. Or if you in the box and just need help understand how to get the most of your D.A.W. or how to get the most out of your plug-in you can do one one over the phone support utilizing screen share technology.

Training and Trouble shooting topics include:

   - DAWS (ie. Pro Tools, Cubase/Nuendo, Abelton, FL Studio, Reaper, Studio one)

   - Most all outboard audio processing hardware - Midi Hardware - Digital audio interfaces - Dante systems

   - Basic studio design (setting up new studios layout and design, acoustic treatment, tuning control room)

   - Integrating new gear into existing studios, and trouble shooting problems


Most training sessions are best kept under 4 hours, with most clients choosing to do 2-3 hours, due to mind melt and retention.

   - One on one Training: $70 hr. with two hour minimum

    - Screen share Training $40 hr.

   - Trouble shooting / Installation $70 hr.

Certain areas have an additional $25 charge for travel. (either due to distance or congestion of area)

If you have any question feel free to call me at 949-391-5091

Some restrictions do apply call for more info


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